Children’s hospice ZonnaCare of specialised children’s nurse and music therapist

What makes ZonnaCare unique?

Children’s hospice ZonnaCare aims to provide pleasant and comfortable overnight stays. The hospice is run by a unique combination of a specialised children’s nurse and a music therapist. ZonnaCare oozes a homely feel, is provided with a wide range of facilities and located in a wooded area.

The maximum number of children during a single care session is about three. This small-scale approach ensures maximum personal attention. Furthermore, the available music (therapy) gives your child the opportunity to communicate at a basic level. It also creates a safe way to make contact with the other children.

Children’s hospice ZonnaCare facilitates transport with their own specially adapted minivan.  In addition to the driver, there is a nurse present in order to guarantee and continue the required care. This enables us to reach out specifically to those children who are not easily able to move outside of the home.

While your child is staying with us, you really will be able to take a ‘time out’ from caring. You can make time for yourself, your family and friends, and recharge your batteries.