Children’s hospice ZonnaCare of specialised children’s nurse and music therapist

Care programme

During the stay, we provide ample and individually-attuned attention to the sensory motoric development of your child, i.e. their capacity to balance the sensory stimuli to their movements.


– Variety in posture and balance therapy The opportunities for a variety of postures are endless. In addition to the beds and play pen, we have Tumble Forms chairs, exercise balls, a hammock and a standing desk for the children to train their balance and muscle coordination. Obviously, any private facilities will also be part of the therapy.

– During play, we can work on their eye-hand coordination by making use of construction material such as Play-Doh, threading beads and through the piano’s keyboard which, both literally and figuratively, provides a challenging instrument.

Passive We ensure the mobilisation of muscles and joints that are hardly or not actively used. If required, (Facial) massage can be an essential part of this too.

Relaxation – We have various options for relaxation, such as in the aforementioned play pen or hammock and in the Malta element of Barry Emons, which is extremely comfortable to sit or lie in. Optionally, we can increase these relaxation moments by adding music and/or various projectors including a large-screen projector.

– A pet farm and horse riding school are located in the woods within walking distance of the hospice. The riding school boasts an equestrian therapeutic centre for disabled horse riders, who are supervised by Cesar/Mensendieck therapists, experts in the field of posture and mobility.

Photo impression of a care session at Children’s hospice ZonnaCare

This photo album gives an impression of a care session. Each child receives individual, care-specific attention. The objective is to ensure a pleasant and relaxed overnight stay.

(photo impression will be added shortly)


We offer basic care sessions of a minimum of two consecutive days for more than one and a maximum of three children.

You can also opt to book an exclusive care session for one child only.

Options for longer stays can be discussed with regard to both the basic and exclusive care sessions.


Once you have registered, we plan an intake interview and, optionally, a subsequent home visit. You may feel more at ease knowing that the nurse is familiar with your child’s actual home situation.


We apply no charges to cancellations up to two weeks prior to the start of the care session. After this date, you will be charged 25% to a maximum of 50% of the costs of the planned care session per calendar day. The reason for this is that we will have to compensate the gap in our care sessions which we may not fill at such short notice. Cancellations as a result of an unexpected hospital stay are excepted from this stipulation.